Post Publishing Group is dedicated to publishing books, ebooks and other media that make a difference in people’s lives.

Realizing the important part various books, audiobooks and videos have played in shaping our lives to this point, we have embarked on this mission of “paying it forward” by publishing works that will have a positive impact on, or provide some sort of benefit to, our readers.

Each new title will be showcased here prior to publication and direct links for purchasing our titles will also be provided. Our titles will be available through Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Apple for the iPad & iPod, Sony for the Sony eReader and Smashwords for other formats. Direct download purchases will also be possible for the PDF format ebooks and audiobooks.

In addition to our new titles that are in the works as I write this, older titles previously published under another mark will be also converted and updated as time allows.

Most of our works will be primarily available in Kindle and Epub formats as those cover the majority of eReaders available today but we also publish in other formats, such as PDF and PalmDOC. Some of our titles will also be available in print through Amazon.com.

Thanks and best regards, Beverly Post

Post Publishing Group


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