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Veterans Travel Guide to VA Services Locations In All 50 States by Robert Post

Veterans Travel Guide to VA Services Locations In All 50 States by Robert Post

Traveling can often be difficult enough even for those in perfect health. Compound those difficulties by traveling with a disability or health issue and travel is oftentimes daunting at best and overwhelming at its worst.

This guide has been prepared with the U.S. Military Veteran traveler in mind. As a disabled veteran myself, I have often found it necessary to perform time-consuming online searches prior to travelling to ensure I have the correct contact information I need should I require emergency medical treatment or other VA services while on the road.

With more and more Americans opting to vacation and travel stateside instead of overseas and the growing Boomer-Veteran population within the full-time or extended-stay RVers ranks, I felt the time had come for a comprehensive guide that could be accessed without needing to be connected to the Internet or within WI-FI range.

After all, Internet access and WI-FI are still not available everywhere one may wish to travel and sketchy service or other technical malfunctions may prevent access right when you need it most.

By having this searchable guide already downloaded and available for use on your iPad, Kindle, Nook or Sony e-reader, “smart” phone, tablet or laptop you will be able to locate the information you need in under a minute – WITHOUT requiring an Internet connection.

The keyword search capabilities included with this reference guide in addition to the hyperlinked Table of Contents allows for rapid searching and location of the necessary information.

The included hyper-links make this guide even MORE valuable, however, so editions for Kindle, Nook, Apple iStore, Sony e-Reader, Smashwords, Diesel, and other electronic reading devices will be published simultaneously with the PDF version to accommodate users of those technologies, as well.

This guide will detail contact information and locations for Veterans Services in all 50 states including addresses, phone numbers and web addresses. This information is current as of the publication date listed.

This book is dedicated to the memory of the thousands of U.S. Military Veterans who have sacrificed so much in order that our nation remain free and strong. Without all of you, our freedoms would not exist. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Only $2.99 and available for instant download at, and

Military Veterans Travel Guide to VA Services Locations In All 50 States [Kindle Edition]

Military Veterans Travel Guide to VA Services Locations In All 50 States [Nook Edition]

Military Veterans Travel Guide to VA Services Locations In All 50 States [Smashwords Edition]   ISBN: 978-1-4660-4096-0

Printed page count: 580
Word count: 43,210


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